Cleaningfilament (PA12) 2,85mm 50g

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Ideal um Verstopfungen der Druckdüse zu entfernen.
Durchmesser 2,85mm
Farbe transparent
Gewicht 50g
7,90 €
inkl. 20% USt. , zzgl. Versand
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3D printer nozzles can clog. With this Cleaningfilament you are prepared to tackle that problem and have a clean nozzle in minutes. This Cleaningfilament uses the same high-quality raw materials as our other PrintaMent filaments.

Cold Pull Method

A cold pull works best with high quality slippery, soft materials like Nylon filament.
  1. Remove the currenly loaded filament from the nozzle
  2. Heat the nozzle up to 255-275 °C
  3. Push the Cleaningfilament as far as possible through the Hotend. In the best case the clogg is pushed through at this point.
  4. Let the Hotend cool down to around 120 °C and pull the Cleaningfilament straight up from the hotend until it is released from the nozzle
  5. Cut off impurities from the Cleaningfilament and repeat the steps 2 to 5 until the Cleaningfilament can be extruded through the nozzle and is removed free of impurities. Usually 2 to 3 passes work
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