PLA 2.85mm crystal 750g

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Easy everyday prints with no special requirements makes it the default go to filament for beginner and experts.

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PLA Filament

PLA (Polylactic acid) is the universal material for all 3D printer. It is easy to print on virtually any 3D printer and by far the most popular in the consumer market for FDM termoplastics. PLA can be printed at low temperatures and with PrintaFix or PrintaStick there is no need for a heated printbed to prevent warping. It has a good interlayer adhesion and low shrinkage and has a slight shine to its appearance when the print is done. We recommend it for all decorative elements, prototypes for haptics or test prints. PLA is plant based. This also means that is not the strongest material when it comes to stiffness, heat resistance or mechanical properties. Nethertheless for its recommended purposes PLA does the trick.

Recommenden Printsettings

  • Printing Temperature: 180-220 °C
  • Heated Bed:  not required with PrintaFix | >65 °C
  • Enclosure: not required
  • Adhesion Agent: PrintaFix
  • Part Cooling Fan: 100%
  • Nozzle: standard brass (hardened for glow in the dark)
  • Printspeed: up to 70mm/s
  • Layer height: >0.1mm
  • Flow Rate: 100%

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